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Tom Coburn Endorses John McCain for President

Republican Senator Tom Coburn has endorsed John McCain as the right choice for president in 2008. The senator from Oklahoma was speaking at a rally in Greenville, South Carolina.

"What we need in our country is somebody that has the courage and the will and the constancy to take on the status quo," Coburn said. "We hear everybody talking about change, but there's only been one person who is in the race--in either party--who has been about change.

Their whole life has been about change. Whether it be for judges, whether it be about protecting innocent life, whether it be about standing on principal, even when it cost you."

Coburn further elaborated on this on Fox News Today, saying, "The realistic idea that John didn't win Michigan wasn't necessarily because he told them the truth, it was because there was a 15 percent voter turnout and Mitt Romney's family was from there. So you can argue the politics of it, but the fact is Americans want principled leadership."

"They want courageous moral leadership, they're screaming out for that," Coburn said, adding, "And John represents that in so many ways--what I believe is beyond and above the others who are running have to offer."

He promised to vote for McCain, saying, " And so I'm going to stand with John McCain because I think he can bring to fruition the solutions to some of the great problems we have whether it be deficit spending--you know, our debt is going up a million dollars a minute right now and we're wasting $250 billion a year in the discretionary portion of the budget..."

"Why isn't somebody challenging that? And why don't we elect somebody that's going to clean that up", he questioned. "And then we won't be talking about tax cuts creating the deficit, we'll be having a surplus that will create tax cuts and give more money to the American people," he said.

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