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Michigan Fishing Vacation

Are you ready for a great fishing trip? If so, there is no better place for a great fishing vacation than Michigan!

The State of Michigan consists of more coastline than any state in the Continental US. The fishing in Michigan cannot be matched to anywhere else in the Mid-West and Michigan also has a fishing charter and resort industry which is truly second to none.

Fishing in Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Huron and the many inland lakes and rivers that Michigan fishing has to offer along with the vast number of different varieties of fish species that are held in these waters, can be enough for anglers and locals to call this freshwater fishing heaven.

There are enough variety to please even the most difficult to please angler when fishing in Michigan. Visiting anglers that are not aware of the areas or lakes can hire one of Michigan's great fishing guides.

Aside from fishing from the banks of the lakes of Michigan, there is also the opportunity to hire a charter boat for the lakes, with the chance of catching almost every available species of fish. Not only will you catch more fish this way, but the captain of the boat will most likely teach you a few special fishing techniques.

So, if a fantastic fishing vacation is what you are looking for, then Michigan is certainly the place to be. Once you have experienced the beauty of the majestic water wonderland (where the fishing is second to none,) you will be able to say that you have been to a fishing paradise.

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